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The product

What is b-igloo?

b-igloo is...

an automatic, intelligent system of storage, parking and management, which receives and returns the bicycle at street level in less than 10 seconds and which also allows storage of items necessary for the use of the bicycle such as a rucksack, safety helmet, reflective elements, etc.

b-igloo is the fastest and safest system on the market for the safekeeping of bicycles, introducing an added advantage, the locker space, which allows the safe storage of the rest of the items transported, or “à la carte” personalisation of rented bicycles.

Its user-friendly, functional street furniture offers the possibility of installing different public services such as interactive information, automatic vending and advertising or additional facilities (repair and servicing of the bicycle).

Parking and retrieving bicycles is carried out via b-igloo parking cards that contain a chip, which stores user information, authorisations and restrictions.

The system facilitates all the management, customer service and attention to incidents tasks, guaranteeing perfect maintenance conditions and making b-igloo the best system for the application of parking and/or bicycle rental networks and, therefore, the best system to provide individual, sustainable, ecological transport.

Safety in all aspects

Safety for the bicycle

The bicycle and all its accessories are protected from vandalism and the inclemency of the weather, which ensures all its components, accessories and stored things to be in good condition.

Bikes for rent: Protection and maintenance programmes guarantee the parking to be in good condition the whole time. b-igloo can offer helmet with an automatic disinfecting function, reflective bands, lighting with being recharged and remained at stops, and all the necessary elements to provide a secure individual transport system.

Your own bicycle: It is guaranteed that your own bicycle can be picked up in the same conditions as the deposit, and it can be provided with as many accessories as you may need to ride safe and comfortably, and introduce the security elements, signals and own lighting. The cyclist park is improved and also the user security to all intents and purposes

Safety for the user

The security provided by this system for the storage of bicycles or any other object deposited therein has been described previously. Such user security has several knock-on effects, specifically:

  • It favours a better quality and improved conditions for all bicycles (higher quality range, improved maintenance, better equipment, adapted to specific requirements, longer life, etc.).
  • It encourages cyclists to make use of all the equipment necessary to travel safely (helmet, jacket or reflective strips, protection, marking and lighting systems, etc.).
  • It reduces anxiety and stress by guaranteeing at all times that YOUR means of transport is perfectly safe, as well as all other objects left inside the module. (No need to be thinking “Is my bike ok?”, “How will I find it later?”, “Oh no! I left my saddle behind…”, etc. or to return and find it has been damaged, parts have been stolen or simply that it is wet.)

These three aspects can be developed further and we consider them to be fundamental for the promotion and rediscovery of the bicycle as a means of transport, both public and private.

We believe that innovation focused on the user is essential. We are developing a service model that is focused on users and their needs, expectations and behaviour; based on the principle that users need to be looked after at an emotional level as well as a functional level.

Which provides solutions

  • Security because the bicycles are stored in independent locked containers to which only the owner of the bicycle has access. Their use increases user safety when travelling ( * see development of the final section ).
  • A safety deposit space because the container in which the bicycle is stored can be used to store any object with total guarantee.
  • Comfort because bicycles are stored and retrieved at street level, it is operated using an RF card, it resolves traditional street parking problems (padlocks, saddle removal, punctures, etc.) and avoids accessibility problems within buildings (lifts and stairs).
  • Un espacio protegido porque las bicicletas se guardan aisladas de los agentes atmosféricos, de las afecciones de otros vehículos y del vandalismo.
  • Protection because the bicycles are stored in a space that is unaffected by the weather, the action of other vehicles and vandalism.
  • Multi-purpose because the size of the container means that any type of bicycle can be stored, as well as accessories (saddlebags, children’s seats, etc.).
  • Speed because the mechanics of the system are controlled by hardware and software that enable operation of the unit and removal of the bicycle in under 10 seconds (it can be done in under 4 seconds in 50% of cases).
  • Intelligent management because it offers bi-directional online management, operation services (occupation level, user profile, operation statistics, etc.), anti-entrapment devices, detection of unauthorised loads, system shut-down in the case of intrusion or vandalism and video recording of stored objects.
  • Eco-friendly because it is manufactured using recyclable materials, steel, aluminium and glass and because each parking operation consumes only 0.01 Kw of power, which means that with 1 € it is possible to perform 625 operations.
  • Ergonomic because it has been designed as a “friendly machine” capable of transmitting its usefulness before having been used. The curved shape has been designed to facilitate bicycle storage and removal and the rounded exterior makes it difficult for someone to climb onto the roof of the module. The shape given to the interior platform makes it very easy to introduce all kinds of bicycle and also has an area for smaller objects on the floor.
  • Easy to use because it has been fitted with an intuitive user interface, signs and symbols and optimum bicycle accessibility.
  • Freedom because it helps children with the learning process in terms of concepts such as independence and responsibility.
  • Respect for ones surroundings because b-igloo has been designed to fully incorporate itself into its surrounding environment.
  • Other possibilities such as: bicycle rental points, public bicycle systems, recharging of electric bicycles, cleaning facilities, automatic sale of parts, general and road information.
  • Sustainability because it encourages bicycle use. It is committed to a parking system that provides the comfort demanded by users of both traditional and electric bicycles for their development as a non-polluting means of transport that contributes to the improvement of our quality of life.
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